As a healthcare partner, we value your referrals. 

Making a referral to High Peaks Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. is easy:

For fastest service call our Referral Coordinator, Carol Thomas, LPN at (518)891-0606.

To assist us in determining hospice eligibility, please fax referred patient's medical information, including demographic facesheet, six months medical records including office notes, H&P, Discharge Summaries, ER/ED visits, surgical procedures, consult notes, radiological and laboratory results, primary hospice terminal diagnosis, MOLST/Advance Directives (if available)  to (518)743-0544.

  •  High Peaks Hosice & Palliative Care, Inc., servies all of Essex and Warren Counties and Parts of Franklin, Hamilton, St. Lawrence and  Washington Counties





Updated 1/2017