Hospice is about living.

The most misleading myth about hospice care is that hospice is about dying.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The founder of the modern hospice movement, Dame Cicely Saunders, once wrote:

"You matter because you are. You matter to the last moment of your life.
And we will do all we can to not only help you die peacefully,
but also to help you live until you die".

When faced with a terminal illness, people are often filled with fear. Often, this is fear of the unknown. Many questions can arise: What is it like to die? Will I be in pain? What will happen to my family?

Hospice is there to address these questions with you. Staff and volunteers will provide the support and guidance patients and families need. By doing so, hospice provides hope, dignity, comfort and peace.

Care is driven by patients and families. Hospice asks: What do you need? How can we help? What can we offer to help plan for the months and weeks ahead?

This website is intended to share information about Hospice Care. For further information, questions, concerns or volunteer opportunities, please contact your local hospice office.