Anyone can make a referral to High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc., not just a medical provider. Early hospice referral allows patients and their families the opportunity to benefit from the full range of hospice supportive services available to them, prior to a medical crisis.

Contact  our Referral Coordinator:

Carol Thomas, LPN at (518)891-0606 for more information or to make a referral!

Please note:  Hospice care is for ANYONE facing a life limiting illness regardless of diagnosis or age.  More than 50% of patients have diagnoses other than cancer.  These include COPD, Alzhimer's. Parkinson's Disease, ALS, heart disease, end-stage kidney and end-stage liver disease and much more.  We have served patients as young as newborn to those of 103 years old.


 Updated 1/2017