As you adjust to life without the person you loved and cared for, High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care offers support in the grieving process. Our bereavement coordinators and trained bereavement volunteers are available to help in a variety of ways.


Bereavement Care

Bereavement Care is offered to grieving family members by hospice before, during and for 13 months following the death of the patient. The goal of hospice bereavement care is to enable family members to receive support throughout the grieving process. Bereavement services are also offered to members of the community at large.

What Services Are Offered?

Home Visits
In some cases visits from our Bereavement Staff (Coordinator) are offered to those who accept them.

Telephone Contact
Telephone contact is offered as needed or as requested. Contact the Bereavement Coordinator in your area for more information.

Informational Mailings
The "Grief Information Series" will be sent periodically over the next thirteen months to help the family understand the grief journey. Families receive mailings that include: What is Grief, Feelings of Grief, Coping with Grief, Coping with the Holidays, After the First Year and more.

Bereavement Volunteers
Trained Bereavement volunteers are available to offer support to family members in a variety of ways.

Bereavement & Grief Support Groups
A consistent finding is that the best way that people relieve loneliness and develop systems of support is by joining a support group. You can come and listen and only share what you are comfortable sharing. Remember that confidentiality and anonymity are important so what is said at these groups stays in the groups.  The first step – going to your first meeting – is the hardest so please do not hesitate to contact the High Peaks Hospice Social Worker or Bereavement Coordinator in your area for help. These are free and open to the public.

Marie Marvullo, Bereavement Coordinator