RX for Recovery


1. Eat Balanced meals. Check with your physician regarding vitamins.

2. Limit intake of alcohol, caffeine, drugs and sugar. (if sensitive)

3. Exercise 5 days a week. A brisk 30 minute walk will do.

4. If suffering from insomnia, don't eat protein after 5pm. It blocks tryptophan. Eat carbohydrates at night. Also alcohol, caffeine and sugar causes insomnia in some people.

5. Take 10 minutes a day to do something nice for yourself.

6. Some find daily meditation or prayer at a fixed time (on rising or at bedtime helpful.)

7. Each night make a list of tasks for the next day. In the morning, review them, eliminating or adding. Prioritize them.

8. Allow yourself permission to grieve—to cry and to be angry.

9. Choose your companions carefully; those who will support your grief process and help with necessary tasks.

10. Avoid making hasty major decisions (changes of residence, employment, disposition of personal effects) too soon.