The patient's primary care physician knows their patient the best.  They have, in most cases, treated the patient for many years and through many separate healthcare issues.  You are the one individual most trusted by the patients and this relationship will not change once your patient comes on hospice.

Many indiviuals facing the end of life are hesitant regarding admission to hospice care because they fear that they will no longer have a relationship with their personal physician.  This is not the case.  Hospice staff recognizes that for the patient to receive the best possible care the hopsice team and personal physician must work together.

Hospice staff work in close consultation with the patient's physician to determine the course of care that is best and continue this as the disease progresses to assure that whatever care is provided is best for the individual.

Personal physicians are encouraged to contact the hospice team with any concerns or questions so that we may continue to work together for the best interest of those we serve.