Another important avenue of support is through in kind gifts. Often those small things that may make the positive difference in the lives of our patients and families are beyond our and their means to purchase. This is where you can help.

Those items that are taking up space in your attics, basement and garages may be just what we need. Often there are practical items which our patients, their families or staff could use to make their lives easier. These are new or used items that individuals and businesses have but often no longer need. They can be furniture which is taking up space but is no longer needed but which our office staff could use. Another perfect example are CD players which most no longer use due to the advent of MP3 players but which our staff could give to our patients to listen to books or music for relaxation. How about bed trays or tables?

In 2012 our Warren County office moved into new office space. It would have cost a great deal to purchase new office furniture to supplement the old, but the previous occupants of the space donated much of what they had in the space. Our staff received beautiful "new" desks, we saved a great deal on moving expenses, and the donor will receive a write off on their income taxes.

In kind gifts can be large or small - and are always appreciated. If you have any questions or would like to donate items please contact the Development Coordinator in the office nearest you.

Please note that we cannot accept used durable medical equipment, sheets, towels or household items as determined by law.