HPHPC often fights a financial battle because the expense of its operation and specialized care is often greater than the reimbursement received from Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurance companies.  Each year we must close the gap with private donations.

The generous financial support of the dozens of north country communities we serve has been what has sustained High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care for the past 26 years. Your ongoing financial support forms the foundation upon which we have provided compassionate hospice services to over 6,200 terminally ill individuals and their families. We would not be here today were it not for your generosity.

Hospice care tends to the whole person rather than just the physical manifestations of illness. The hospice approach of "total" care includes emotional and spiritual care. The "unit of care" is not just the individual facing illness but also his or her loved. Providing more all encompassing care also comes at a greater cost.

Here is where we need your help. Your ongoing generous financial gifts enable us to continue our mission of dignity, comfort and peace at the end of life.

While unrestricted donations are valuable as they enable us to use funds where they are most needed, often our donors wish that their financial contributions be used in a specific way. Please know, that should you wish to restrict your gift, we will honor your wishes. To assure transparency we carefully track all restricted income and expense to assure that your wishes are upheld.

Your financial support means the world to us. Please partner with us by investing in the future of High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care today. Thank you!