Fundraising activities are critical to our financial success and, equally as important, they also serve as great venues to showcase our agency, educate and establish new relationships. Every year each of our three clinical offices holds fundraising events and gatherings.

Serving on the committee of events specific to your area and working with other hospice staff and volunteers assures the success of our events. Special events, both those organized by the agency and those done on our behalf by third parties, play an important role in philanthropy. The generous people who plan and host these events are also key players on our team. Our fundraising events provide not only needed funds but also an avenue for community members to turn this awareness into generous giving for Hospice Care (see Circle of Friends).

How can you make a difference?

  • Serve on the committee to assist in organizing an event or gathering;
  • Serve on the committee to recruit participants and attendees;
  • Assist in publicity by distributing posters ands flyers;
  • Volunteer to help out the date of the event or gathering;
  • Finally - if you have a great fundraising idea, the time and enthusiasm, hold a third party event on our behalf!

Anyone who has helped out at the Claire Sweet Memorial Golf Tournament in Lake George or Radio Day in Saranac Lake knows how much fun and how rewarding it can be to be involved in something with such a profound mission and purpose.

If you would like more information, would like to help out with an event or hold your own event on our behalf, or would like to serve on our Circle of Friends please contact the Development Coordinator in the office nearest you.