Our Volunteer Training Program is held twice a year and covers 20 hours of material. Topics include: the mission, philosophy, and history of hospice; regulations and compliance (including HIPPA), spirituality, bereavement, patient and caregiver points of view; boundaries, OSHA,
pain management, safety, universal precautions; and aging and sensory deterioration. Guest speakers, role-playing, videos and readings are all tools used in the training to ensure that volunteers are well-prepared and oriented for all types of volunteer activities.

To find out about the next training in your area, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator in your area: 

Northern Office- Serving all of Essex and parts of Franklin, Hamilton, St. Lawrence and Washington Counties

Jackie Foster, Volunteer Coordinator

Telephone: (518) 897-6779

Email: jfoster@highpeakshospice.org

Kathy Schoolcraft, Volunteer Coordinator

Telephone: (518) 897-6763

Email: kschoolcraft@highpeakshospice.org

Southern Office- Serving all of Warren and parts of Washington Counties

Rosalie Brown, Volunteer Coordinator

Telephone: (518) 891-0606

Email: rbrown@highpeakshospice.org


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